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Hose elimination and replacement

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  • Def
    You will idle high (cold idle) with no coolant going to the IACV after driving around a bit. Stop the car for a bit and let the engine bay heat get to it and your idle will drop down. Drive and it'll be high again repeat.

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  • Matt93SE
    for a turbo car in warm climates, I wouldn't worry about the coolant lines going to the IACV and throttle body. you can eliminate/bypass them. for an NA car that's driven in colder climates, I've seen those parts freeze up because of the colder temps involved with an air pressure drop on the backside of the throttle body. the coolant lines are now 'warming lines' to prevent them from freezing in colder weather during idle/cruising conditions.

    on the lines comign from the fuel tank, I've removed my charcoal canister and just plugged the lines on them. if you're dropping the tank to replace the other lines, you might as well remove them if it's a track-only car. for a street car, I'd leave them there for emissions and such.

    ..that's all I have on the subject.. lots of threads on various forums about cleaning up the vacuum lines/de-cluttering the factory maniolds on KAs, but I haven't paid attention to an SR.

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  • jfryjfry
    started a topic Hose elimination and replacement

    Hose elimination and replacement

    Went to the track a few days ago and after warming the car (1989 s13 redtop sr20det) up (track-only car, trailered out) and parking it, I saw that I was dripping fuel out the back.

    Problem was the rubber fuel feed line to the hard line. Not the end of the world, and managed to fix it to salvage the rest of our short day, but I realize that the car is 25 years old and rubber stuff just isn't going to last...

    so I am going to replace all of the rubber hoses and lines: water, fuel, vacuum.
    Brakes and intake couplers are done.

    Wanted to know 3 things:

    A. Since it is a track car, simplicity > comfort/convenience. What lines can be eliminated/rerouted? for ex, I know there are a few coolant lines and hoses servicing the iac... do I need them running there for a track-only car?

    B. Does anyone make a kit with all of the water hoses? fuel is obviously easy, and vacuum will just be buying bulk and replacing everything.
    edit: I found some kits on ebay, but they are no-name stuff, and I want to get quality stuff that will last. any guidance on good kits?

    C. Any other things I might overlook? Fuel filler hose perhaps, etc

    forgive me if I missed any of this info in my searching.