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installing wing on fastback

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  • installing wing on fastback

    Just got my Kognition wing 68' span this week. Before i go ahead and install, i decided to check rules based on SCCA (it's what events use here in PR mostly) but don't seem to find any concrete rules on mounting the wing. I have some pictures from kognition as to the position of the wing, but before i go and drill more holes in the hatch; does anybody know of rules as to mounting wings? or if not then recommendations besides reenforcing the hatch underneath for more strenght, maybe how far back should the airfoil be...

    i mostly just free track the car, no category racing as of now since i haven't tracked in 3-4 years. But want to mount this correctly so i don't have to redo it if i decide to enter any class in the long run.


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    All classes are different (sometimes very different) on their aero requirements. But general rules I've seen are no higher than the roofline, and no further back than the bumper.
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      understood, i'm new to these aero requirements and wanted to get opinions before i just went ahead and installed it and screwed up. I had planned running the trailing edge as close to the end of the bumper if the bases of the stands permited it. But it got me thinking, if any classes had a rule as to where the stands can be placed on the hatch and didn't find anything concrete. I understand every class is different, that's why im asking around to see what people on this forum have experienced.


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        I've only seen rules of the airfoil size and it's position.
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          The rules are slightly different for each sanctioning body and class.
          If you're truly interested in building it according to the rules, you need to choose a class that you're going to build toward, then make sure it follows those rules.

          for my class- SCCA STU- the wing can only be 48" x 8.5", so APR has a special smaller version of their GTC-200 they cut down to 48" for the class. (That size is a holdover from World Challenge Touring Class where the whole Super Touring class got its start).

          But IIRC, the wing must be 4" below the roofline and like 2" forward of the rear bumper or something like that. I forget the exact wording now, but it's all in the rulebook.
          Here's the latest SCCA GCR (rulebook):
          or the originating page where you can download the most recent copy since they update the rules at least once a month:

          That said, the 68" wing (and any CA/SR engine) will not be legal for STU, so you need to look at a faster class anyway- you might look at GT3 as it's going to be the next-step-up class past STU that you can prep the car for.
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            The physical mounting of the wing part of the rules would also be covered under body work (adding supports and such). Check there too as any extensive bracing could be considered chassis stiffening and is limited in most classes.