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Crash spares?

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  • Crash spares?

    So, what bends relatively easily in S-chassis cars? What only tends to bend if you've already done irreperably damage to other parts of the car?

    I'm thinking I'd probably want the following spares on-hand: inner and outer tie-rods, struts, tension rods, FLCAs, rear bearings and hubs, front bearings and hubs, rear bearings and hubs.

    I'm thinking front spindles are unlikely to fail unless you've hit something so hard you'll probably be down for a while anyway. I'm also unsure on rear suspension parts; the RLCA mounts seem so flimsy that any serious hit is going to damage the subframe before arms bend. Anyone know if this is the case?

    Thanks for any help.
    Flatout Racing
    #23 Z32 Chumpcar