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S13 Engine Sub-Harness

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  • S13 Engine Sub-Harness

    I'm having some electrical issues and the shop found that my engine sub harness is faulty at the connectors next to the positive battery terminal. I was looking to replace that section but it turns on nissan discontinued that section and no one aftermarket (chasebays or wiring specialties) makes that section of harness either. Im a little skeptical of going to a used one and then still having the same problems. Does anyone have any other solutions possible? Maybe rid of the connectors?

    Its the section that plugs into the red "box" next to the positive cable in the picture

    thanks in advance for the help

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    If the problem is the connectors you could cut them off and put in a mil-spec or similar connector. They're a little expensive and a bit overkill for the application but you'd probably never have another issue with them. I did something similar and used Amphenol connectors, they have a pretty huge line of connectors in various # of inputs and gauges.