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Question on Nissport Oil Pressure Adapter

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  • Question on Nissport Oil Pressure Adapter

    I'm in the process of installing my oil pressure gauge and noticed that I need a sender adapter to keep the stock idiot light.

    Rather than doing a sandwich plate, the Nissport NS-2100R seemed like the perfect solution, but I'm unable to order from their site and the phone number (which I had to find via Google) is disconnected.

    I did try to get in touch with them a couple of months ago via email and didn't have any luck.

    If someone would be able to recommend a similar product, I would really appreciate it.

    The best solution I was able to locate (sans an oil sandwich adapter) was this item from a shop in Australia.

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    I would (and did) just ditch the dummy sender and just use that port.

    Just need a 1/8 npt > bpst adapter. Since I'm using crappy autometer gauges with a giant sender, I have it remote mounted behind the strut tower on a cushion clamp and then a 24" braided line running to the adapter.


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      The threads on the port are BSPT. BSPT is tough to find in the US. Do you know the threads on the oil pressure sender? If it's Japanese it's probably BSPT and if it's a domestic market product it's probably NPT.

      I did a quick search and found some BSPT fittings here;
      Otherwise, look for Industrial supply sources that carry Swagelok or Parker-Hannifin fittings.
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        Does your block have an oil pressure gauge port?

        My RB25 does.

        If so just leave the OEM idiot light sender and use this to work with non-bspt senders:

        You can also kludge some fittings together sourced from:


        search terms:

        metal british standard thread pipe fittings


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          Thanks for all the suggestions.

          I'm installing an AEM gauge with a 1/8 NPT fitting.

          Based on what I'm hearing, keeping the idiot light would require the adapter to have a 1/8 BSPT male, 1/8 BSPT female and 1/8 BSPT female port.

          No need for an oil cooler or filter relocation in this application, so I'm trying to stay away from a block adapter/sandwich plate solution for now.

          Would this work?

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          ''97 240SX - S13 SR20DET (Sold)
          '19 Camaro ZL1 1LE
          '19 Expedition Max
          Previously Sold HPDE Cars: '17 Civic Type R, '02 Golf GTI 1.8T, '99 Integra GS-R, '97 200SX SE-R, '96 240SX SE, '92 240SX SE


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            That would work based on the description.
            You could also find a bspt t with one male and two females and use the bspt-npt adapter mentioned preciously


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              Have you thought about drilling and tapping your stock oil filter block?

              If you're still KA you can see if Tower240sx has any more oil block adapters. It replaces the stock 4 bolt oil block and has 3 1/8 npt ports on it, I have the dummy light sensor screwed into one of the ports and don't have any issues with leaks. You'd have to add a remote filter with -8 lines and fittings, but it's a very nice piece.


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                It is possible to use an 1/8npt tap on the sender. You must tap all the way down to get it small enough to go in the block but it works quite well, done it many times. I don't know where the idiot light comes on but it is low enough that it is virtually worthless. I used to keep the light as a back up but after oil pickup issues that the light had no clue about, ditched it.

                You can tap most brass fittings down this way to screw into the block just fine.


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                  I think the light comes on below about 7 psi, but it's got a significant delay. If it comes on while you're running hard, the engine is already toast by the time you can react to it.
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