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  • Hankook Ventus TD Z221

    Hey. Just wondering if anyone has experience with these tires yet. They seem "decently" priced and have some good sizes.

    I've heard they are grippier and MPSC and last as long at NT01's. Sounds too good to be true to me.

    I'm considering ordering a set but I'm not sure to order hards or softs. I'm up in Canada so the temps aren't usually that high and our track sessions aren't usually that long. I'm concerned the soft's will over heat or heat cycle out to soon or the hards won't come up to temp in time.

    I hope someone has some input

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    Go with medium soft or soft, not hard.i
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      They're pricey.
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        If I run 265 my only options are ventus TD, R888's, a048's, BFG r1 or michelin pilot sport cup. Same as 285/30.

        r888's are really expensive for some reason in Canada so they are out of the question. BFG r1's or hoosier a6/r6 don't last long enough.

        nt01's would be really nice but they don't have them in any good sizes for us.


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          I knocked 1.3 seconds off my PB my first time using the mediums, compared to my previous PB on R888.

          Don't get R888, Z221's are far far better.


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            How are the lasting? We can only get softs or hards here. Thanks for input


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              They have an excellent reputation here in Aus, all the Time Attack cars use either these or Advan 050s (which are far more expensive), 2 groove slicks aren't permitted. From what I've read the softs and mediums will heat cycle similarly. They're a marked step up from the R888/NT01/048s, other tyres in this range would be the Dunlop DZ03g and the Federal FZ201s (although the more recent compound change in these is less favoured).

              I'll be buying a new set later this year, probably softs for 1-4 lap sprints and track temps can be 40+ degrees celsius here in Summer.


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                Can't comment on how well they last since I've only done the 1 track day so far. I expect them to last 4-5 track days as opposed to 6-8 that I got out of the R888.