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Alternate uses for auto transmission?

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  • Alternate uses for auto transmission?

    I have an S14 auto tranny I got years ago as a spare for my sisters convertible but have never used it. I'm cleaning some stuff out and looking to get rid of it. I believe I remember reading here a while ago that you have to use an auto as a donor for a dogbox, and I figure even having that as a possibility would be better than throwing it in a dumpster. What I'm wondering is what exactly do I need to keep from this thing for that purpose. I'm going to gut whatever I can and only keep what I have to. Do I just keep the bellhousing, or anything else in addition?

    Also, is there any other useful parts I should keep off of it regardless if used for dogbox or not, stuff that could be kept as spares? I know absolutely jack **** about autos and what they share/how they are related to the manuals we have.
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    I'm pretty sure just the bellhousing.
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