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OS Giken and real CV's, How to?

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  • OS Giken and real CV's, How to?

    What are the ways to do this?

    NS046-HA is the stock sx lsd for the 2x2x2 shafts but I broke an axle the first weekend on 315's and have a chance top sell the 46 if I can get real cv's.

    I have been talking to Sean at Giken and he thinks the short viscous shafts might work in the NS044-HA. These are easier for me to get than the open diff ones. Does anyone know how to get OEM 38220-73L01 side shafts as those are what he says he is sure will work.

    I'm sure there are other ways to do this so it would be nice to list them if anyone else is interested.

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    I'm guessing you want to run 5 bolt axles? I think I remember the J30 VLSD axles working in our cars since the width is close.
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      What exactly are you asking here? I thought the axles and axle stubs from the 92-94 J30 were essentially a direct swap?

      Edit: just found this. IDK if this is helpful, but this guy sorta mated what he wanted together...
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        Some of the r200 vlsd diff's use a fully splined long shaft vs a partially splined long side shaft (reference the second post down in the link above). The thing to figure out is whether or not the output stub from the diff is a 29 spline, or 30 spline.

        The USDM r200 output stubs are 29 spline with the 2x3 6 bolt pattern.

        The JDM Vlsd's *look* to be 29 spline, As are the j30 vlsd's, I can vouch that my j30 vsld (3.9:1) is not fully splined.

        My s15 HLSD stubs appear to be the larger 30 spline variety, and have the 2x3 6 bolt pattern.

        My 3.69:1 Q45 diff (5 bolt) has 30 spline stubs, and is also not fully splined.

        My 3.54:1 Q45 has evenly spaced 6 bolt's ( I have not popped out the out put stubs yet.
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          95-97 (and some 94's) J30's do in fact us the 2x3 6 bolt pattern on the halfshafts. We just need to confirm that they are real CV shafts & not tripod style shafts. Also, only the driver side would work, the passenger side is said to be to long and could bind. Sooo... basically, I still have not found the best option for a CV shaft upgrade the the 046 Giekn.


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            Next time I have my diff out, I'll have to inspect my VLSD outputs, but they came off a CA powered S13, and I remember them being fully splined. They work on the VLSD I have that came from an SR powered S13. -=shrug=-


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              Thought about just going to some aftermarket axles?
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                The JDM VLSD 5 bolt stubs are the same as our 2x3 stubs. The short one could work but it does not have as much spline as the open ones. The long side would physically work but have very little spline engagement(not enough to even try using).

                The 044 diff might be the best option for people that don't have the 046 but the stubs are around 200.00 a piece.

                Which cv's to use???
                The jdm vlsd diffs come with axles that are round and sure seem like cv's. I have a blown axle that is cv's and it came on a pallet with 5 other jdm vlsd's but am not positive what jdm it came out of. Seems that Silvia or 180 axles would be the best bet if they are true cv's, which I really think they are but can't prove right now.


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                  Just looked at Beejis60's link which shows the J30 axles that are 2x3 and they are tripod so that's not going to help.

                  Too help strengthen my tripod's, I put 2 hose clamps around each joint. Don't know how much it helps but don't see how it can hurt. Mine blew right out the side and it did not look fatigued. I have a gtx2867 and supporting needs but stock cams so the power is not that high, maybe 330whp? It blew mid course when I got back on the power from a slow down but no shifting involved. Maybe it was a fluke but it was the first weekend with 315's back there.


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                    I pm'd PJ a couple weeks ago to ask which 5 bolt output shafts he's using with his 46 Giken.

                    His reply:

                    I'm running z32 NA output shafts. I specifically found a pair that the (IIRC) passenger side (or whichever one is longer) did not have the large necked area and both shafts are splined along the entire length. The J30 version seems to have a "break" in the spline. My original intent was to use 2 driver-side outputs, but it's been working pretty well as-is.


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                      Are the external dimensions of the NS046-HA (R200) and NS044-HA (R200V) the same? Is the only difference the internal components for the different length stub shafts for the R200V?
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                        I'm using z32 outputs as previously stated, with J30 axles. Not sure if that would work on the S13, though.

                        I initially wanted to use 2 short stubs from the z32, but the second pair of stubs I bought had both axles fully splined. I figured I could just cut one down if needed, but it's been working as-is. Just don't expect to use the retention c-clips unless you cut new grooves...


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                          Originally posted by logr View Post
                          Just looked at Beejis60's link which shows the J30 axles that are 2x3 and they are tripod so that's not going to help.
                          Check out section 5 of that link. It looks like a CV joint to me, but he rebuilds them to match his application.


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                            G35/G37 uses an R200 diff with 31splines and 6x1 output shafts. Get an OS Giken for a 350z and run Z32TT axles! Going by the parts I have laying around, the Tripod axle shafts and CV axle shafts have different splines. I don't know if the Z32-NA CV's and TT CV's have the same inner splines, but if they do you can mix/match inner/outer CV's.
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                              Don't you need to switch to TT hubs as well?
                              And the z33 diff is a tad bit different when it comes to its innerds; they have a crush sleeve to set pinion depth and breakaway torque where as the S chassis R200 has two different shims for that. I'm not sure how this affects the dimensions, if at all, but I would probably look into a Z33 R200 just in case. The pinion and crown wheel are both very different and not interchangeable iirc.