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Moving wire harness in driver fender

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  • Moving wire harness in driver fender

    I am in the process of getting my wire harness out of the wheel well, I just want to double check to see how you guys did this.

    Here is what I'm working with.

    So what I want to do is pull the wire harness up above the lip on the outside of the frame rail above where it is now, then put the fender back on over it right? I'm working alone right now so test fitting it is proving difficult. If that's right I'll just zip tie it up there and put it back together.

    Also, about the seam at the top of the wheel well that needs to be hammered, did you guys notch it on either side first then smash it up or just go at it as is?


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    I did just what you're talking about... mashed the lip up just past horizontal (so no sharp edge could dig into the tire), and then zip tied the harness above the lip. no problems since then, and I've rubbed just about all the paint off the inside of my wheel wells. need to get some smaller tires!
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      Awesome, thank you


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        Yep, outside the lip (helps to bend the lip out a hair to let it have more of a ledge to sit on), then hammer the crap out of the sharp seam that runs over the tire. I've even thought of cutting mine and welding it back up, but it can't do much harm the way it is now.
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          So I just spent a couple hours trying to move that wire harness up with no success. I can't get the fender back on with the harness above the lip, there's at least inch or so of gap I can't close at the bottom and front of the fender. My car had an accident on the front driver fender before I owned it so maybe it's due to some residual damage or something. I guess this means I'm running it into the engine bay unless you guys have a better suggestion.