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  • a1000 on a daily

    has anyone uses a A1000 on there daily, this is for my track car but on occasion ill drive it around, is the aeromotive fpc really needed, or is that more if you drive the car on a day to day basis all day

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    I have no personal exp.
    BUT, I do see a co workers car (AE86 with SR running a A1000) everyday for the past 3-4years with no issues besides he has to fill up his 5gal fuel cell every few days. Hooked straight up to a relay, no controller. Granted it's only feeding 550's (Major overkill) but it is indeed in there running on a daily basis.


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      you will need to filter after the pump because it can discharge particulates into your fuel system. It isn't nearly has preferred as a Bosch 044, Aeromotive 340lph or dual Walbro setup.

      Personally, I run an Aeromotive 340lph stealth pump and it is great. I have also run dual walbros before on another car. Way less headache than the A1000.


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        my a1000 is louder than my track car at idle...i wouldn't want to rock it on the street.
        I am SKULLWORKS


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          Get a fuelab and run it on a Hobbs switch. I've used a1000's before and they fail at random even when using a controller. My fuelab is great, when tooling around its at 50% and above 5lbs of boost its at 100%. Also if you have a PWM output on a standalone you can control the fuelab pumps to load, throttle, or whatever you want it dependent on. It isn't crazy loud either if you have sound deadening. As previously mentioned you'll need an inlet and outlet pump. If you're using e85 be sure to run only SS filters as the paper ones will come apart. Also if you go fuel cell on e85 the foam in a fuel cell unless you purchase Yellow alcohol approved foam from ATL will breakdown over time and clog up your per filter and possibly your pump.


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            Bosch 044 is probably going to be your best bet IMO.