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SR starter not disengaging

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  • SR starter not disengaging

    Anybody have this issue?

    My new build is being a pain about this. I have changed to a known good starter and it still does it. I have a Competition Clutch lightweight flywheel.

    It engages fine but once started it stays in and spins a bit.


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    Fixed so thought I would enlighten for posterity.
    I had added an extra solenoid to use for power distribution and to feed power to the starter only when needed. I wired the starter switch to this solenoid and the solenoid engagement on the starter to the hot side of the starter, since it only gets power when cranking. Doesn't work and no idea why but it would hold the starter in for multiple seconds after the engine is running and you have released the switch.

    The fix was to wire the starter switch to both solenoids. The starter still gets power only when cranking but it disconnects fine switched this way and the extra solenoid is a very clean way for power distribution as well as making it easier to remove the starter.


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      Makes sense - the starter motor would be acting like a generator when spun, generating a back emf current. So you were generating enough current to keep the solenoid engaged right when the engine kicked over.
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