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Sensors going bad without OBD-2

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  • Sensors going bad without OBD-2

    This might be a stupid question, but in a 1995 240sx with an SR, if an oxygen or whatever sensor goes bad, how would you know?

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    There are still diagnostics on the engine, it is just obd1. Your check engine lite will still light up when it senses that something is wrong with the o2
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      S13 Redtops will completely ignore it and basically run open loop on fuel corrections. I didn't have a working O2 sensor on my car for a while, and I felt it actually ran a bit better since I could lean cruise at 15.3-15.5 AFR vs. it bouncing below stoich then up to my target AFR 15.5 or so then back down again. It was a small but imperceptible change in engine response since it'd gain torque when going rich, then slack off when leaning out.
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