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Down on power - help

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  • Down on power - help

    Ugh. At the track and significantly down on power hoping someone might have an idea.

    This is a 180sx orig sr20

    Last time I ran was about 3 weeks ago and it was fine.
    After that day I put a power steering cooler on, relocated the oil filter and installed an oil cooler, extended the wires to the igniter chip and moved it from left strut tower by turbo to behind tower by firewall under wiper motor, still left side, and rerouted the pcv breather into a t on my breather line from crank to left side of valve cover to catch can and plugged the line off intake the pcv originally went to.

    When I first fired it up after the mods it popped the oil plate off the block and idled for maybe 15 -25 seconds before I caught it.

    I don't think any of those things could cause issues and it still boosts .5 bar as always.

    I suspect head gasket but nothing to test it with. Besides it would have to be a big coincidence for it to let go right now as far as I can tell. Ran fine, small changes, runs bad.


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    It was the breather. Ill post later and see if anyone has any idea why it didn't work but I'm 100%