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  • Turn signal covers

    I need to lighten my car, and one of the things I am pretty sure I don't need is turn signals. (But I am keeping one headlight because some HPDE groups require forward lights in foggy weather, and replacing the other one with an intake air duct.)

    Although maybe I should replace that headlight with a cover as well since that might save me from having to buy a carbon fiber trunk or something.

    So, what I would like to do is replace both front turn signals with something that maintains OEM contours per the rules but weighs less. I was hoping to follow in someone's footsteps but I am not finding a single relevant page on the internet regarding this for some reason. Or I just can't figure out what to search for.

    This is for an S14.

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    you're going to spend lots of money to save a couple ounces of weight. the factory turn signals just don't weigh much. you have much better places to pull more weight for cheaper if you're so inclined.
    Originally posted by SoSideways
    I don't care what color they are as long as they are LONG AND HARD.
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      Cut the back off and just use the lens. Quick, easy and effective. You could use only one of the two screws to save a little weight, too


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        Yea, those things only weigh a few ounces, and you're going to need to cover the holes up to reduce aero drag. I would imagine just taking them out would slow you down on most tracks due to additional drag.
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          Well, I was hoping to do this for the cost of materials, but it looks like I will be better off taking my doors apart.