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  • Oil filter options

    Forgive me if my fruitless searching is simply indicative of operator ineptness....

    I just installed a circuit sports oil filter relocater (and cooler) and wondered if anyone knew of any larger-capacity filters that would work with the sr20det oil filter threads and size??

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    I think all Nissans of the same vintage use the same thread on the filter. I think I went with some KA24DE filters for my SR as they were a bit larger.
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      Well, addressing the topic, I picked up a Nissan Titan filter that is a little longer but same otherwise. It might be the same as the ka filter def referenced but I didn't see the reply until after I picked it up.

      Got everything together and fired it up. Oil pressure right away. Good, now lets check for leaks. Leak doesn't begin to describe the size of the pool forming under the car.

      The plate popped off the block.

      It looks like it only threaded on a turn. I thought it was like 3 turns but with two braided hoses hanging off in a tight space I obviously was wrong.

      What's the deal? Looks like there are other, better-received options but this should work fine, if made properly. The threaded bung is too deep to engage the block's threads properly.

      And it feels like there are some bolts around the filter boss that might interfere.

      This was supposed to be done and it looks like I have another project. Ugh


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        It looks like it is hitting the bolts that hold the filter block to the engine block. I pulled te bolts off and there are two washers under each Allen bolt.

        Anyone know why they're spaced out and if I can safely take one washer off? I'm going to grind the bolts down anyway but that would help.


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          no idea on your fitment issues with the filter adapter.. but beware of filter choice going to these "universal" relocation devices.

          I used a summitracing kit and everything was fine. went to an oem z32 oil filter and the o-ring was just a tiny bit too big to seat on the relocation block. threaded on fine but leaked at the filter. However, aftermarket replacement filters with a slightly smaller o-ring fit fine. Now I use an oem 2jz oil filter which fits well.


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            Not that anyone is holding their breath, awaiting an update....
            But in case someone runs into the same problem I figured I'd post the solutions.

            There are two fittings supplied with this kit that screw into the housing that then threads onto the engine.
            They looked the same to me so I figured they accidentally gave me an extra. Plus no instructions so I didn't think much of it.

            Turns out the one they had installed was too short, causing my fitment issues. The other one was just a wee bit longer but let me grab 2.5 more turns.

            There are 3 bolts right against the sealing surface on the block that are about .15" too tall. There were two washers under each but I left them, figuring Nissan did it for a reason. I just ground the allen heads down a bit and reinstalled so the top was below the level of the sealing surface.

            All's well now and we're headed to the track Monday morning so we'll see how she runs