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Haven't had car out in 2 and 1/2 years, what do I need to do?

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  • Haven't had car out in 2 and 1/2 years, what do I need to do?

    When I got my WRX in November of 2010 my 240s daily driver days were over, and I put it away planning to get it out the next summer and start working on finally getting it converted to my dream track car. **LONG** story short, 2 years later I'm finally getting it out, and need to know what I should tackle to get the car going again...

    I've got no experience doing restorations or anything like that, and I want to make sure I don't screw anything up, so here is what I've got lined up:

    - Change oil
    - Change spark plugs
    - Change air filter
    - New battery
    - Generally go through and clean things up

    - Fuel stuff I'm really in a bind, I put it away with a fresh tank of gas with stabil in it, but that was 29 months ago, I have some people telling me it should be fine, some telling me I may have to change fuel filter and possibly cause the pump some issues but try it anyways, and of course the real safe bet would be to drain the gas that's in it and start with fresh. Problem I'm having there is finding a way to dispose of 14 gallons of questionable gas.

    SO...anybody with experience with this stuff want to give me some input on the gas situation? And anything else in general I should be looking into? This is just to get the car running and driving without screwing anything up more than it already is for now, things that I know are going to be questionable like gaskets and bushings will be addressed accordingly.

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    Check all the other fluids to make sure they're full, change the oil, charge/replace the battery, and start it up.
    Wouldn't hurt to pull the plugs and drop a tablespoon or so of oil/atf down each plug hole and crank the engine by hand a few turns, but not absolutely necessary..

    Get the car running and let it get up to temp, then shut it off and check the other fluids.
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      Hard deal on the gas, Been there with several cars...recently faced the same issue with some E85 (I Thought the Vent had been plugged on the fuel wasn't)

      In most cases with gas that old (and a motor I don't really want to rebuild or replace) I will take it out and use it in the work always needs gas and it cares not about gas quality.

      You can also top off your Lawn Mower...


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        I would probably remove most of the gas and put in a bit of fresh gas, heet, and maybe seafoam. Drive it around till empty, repeat a few times.
        But I agree with tower above: I would/do use old gas in my law mower as idgaf about that turd. I've also added a few gallons of old gas to my DD on a borderline fresh tank of gas.


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          Yea, my track car had to be shut down due to a fire and loss of engine oil. But I did drain as much fuel as possible and add a splash of stabil before the long slumber. I drained the fuel rail, so hopefully that's fine, and I'll replace lots of fuel related components.

          As for prep now, I'd just flush as much stuff as possible and give it a go. Don't drive it hard or anything and then fill up with fresh gas. Replace all fluids IMO.
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            The gas is probably ok, but replacing half with fresh stuff isn't a bad idea.
            I'd flush the brake fluid too. It's hygroscopic so it should be replaced based on time for any car.