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Converting cluster to read gm fuel sender

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  • Converting cluster to read gm fuel sender

    Is there a way to buffer or convert the signal from a gm sender to work with our clusters

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    How does the GM fuel sender work? The OEM fuel sender is variable resistance. Spec's are 4.3-5.8 ohms when full and 78.3-84.8 ohms when empty.
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      He's talking about the fuel level sending unit.

      The stock sending unit for an S13 is listed at :

      78-84 ohms empty
      4.3-5.8 Full

      From what I can find quickly the S14 is the same

      Depending on the type of the sending unit, if its a swing arm type, you could remove the resistor board and turn it around so that its 90-0, instead of 0-90 like a standard GM unit.

      Or use a sending unit for a pre 87 ford / "most chrysler" which are listed at 73 empty, 8-12 full.

      I guess with a tube type you might be able to install it upside down ?


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        Never mind atl will program one for me to read of the nissan cluster that will fit in there cells