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Megan adjustable sway bars ?

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  • Megan adjustable sway bars ?

    Hi guys,

    i currently have (too stiff) godspeed sway bars (30mm front 27mm rear), and was looking for something better suited. I found about progress and whiteline swaybars which are adjustable and better specced. And then i came across megan ones.

    Yes, i know megan is not known for quality items, but then ... these are sway bars. How bad can that be ? And they seem to have the right specs : 3 way adjustable 28mm front, 2 way adjustable 22mm rear.

    Anyone has ever used these ?

    the car is an S13 w/CA18DET and longer lower arms, and i need an S14 front sway bar to fit anyway (FLCA connexion point is too far and i had to modifiy the droplink... and the result is not very good)

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    Never heard of Megan adjustable bars, heard good things about progress bars. Can't say I've heard many good things about Megan. Try to stick with things known for quality now.

    From S3
    SM 63 KA-t 470hp 480tq G30-660 A2W IC