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  • Front ASB question

    Is there a formula that will help decide how big of an anti-sway bar can be used with a given wheel spring rate? I know roll is a big issue on the front of these cars, and my car is lightly sprung (NISMO S-Tunes), so I'm tempted to pick up the biggest adjustable bar around (Stikky), but I don't want to get into a position where I'm lifting a front tire because I don't have enough spring rate to overcome the bar. Has anyone actually lifted a front tire in an S-chassis car that wasn't slammed?

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    If you end up wanting a Sikky front bar, I have a brand new one I'm going to sell. Didn't end up using it. Let me know.
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      the only time I lifted a wheel on my car was when I had the rear shocks set to full soft and the front very stiff, trying to keep the rear wheels on the ground to reduce wheelspin on corner exit.
      Thus, the entire chassis was rolling with the rear suspension as the weight shifted on the front. since I had short shocks and 8k/6k springs, it simply picked up the inside front since there was nothing for shock travel.

      Anyway, yes it's a function of sway bar and spring rate, but it's also a function of front/rear balance and shock settings. If I had stiffer rear springs or ran a rear sway bar, then it wouldn't happen.

      At the end of the day, lifting a front tire on corner exit isn't really a big deal. locking up the inside wheel on corner entry is the issue.
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        Originally posted by 240sxTTC View Post
        If you end up wanting a Sikky front bar, I have a brand new one I'm going to sell. Didn't end up using it. Let me know.
        Front specs are;
        Front spring rate: 5.3kg/mm (297lb/in). Drop: 25mm (1")

        Think that's too much bar for that amount of spring? If not, I'm definitely interested. Send me a PM and we can talk about price.


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          It's adjustable right? So you can probably get it in the ballpark with some trial and error. You've got softer springs than many here, but a stiffer front sway bar is nothing but a benefit to these cars.
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            Lifting a front wheel isn't necessarily a bad thing.

            I know a guy who had his bmw purposely setup to do that so he could take a tighter line on the corner leading into the main straight by lifting his front wheel up above the inside curbing

            he has the ITR lap record on that track...

            because of your soft springs, a big FSB will only help more. you'll probably gain more front traction just from not rolling so much (and probably bottoming out the strut)

            plus.... lifting a front wheel looks awesome
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