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Functional Aero Ideas?

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  • Functional Aero Ideas?

    First off, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Instead of being indoors with family, I decided to take the time to work on my S13. As I was working, I started to notice that most of the aero on the car such as fenders and bumpers are pretty beat to hell and damaged. Any thoughts on what to replace these with? Are the 180sx Type X aero more functional as in terms of brake ducting holes or are there other aftermarket kits that may incorporate functional diffusers or canards?

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    The s13 chuki bumper has nice vents in the sides if you're interested in brake ducting, but it's entirely possible you already have the chuki bumper. The kouki 180sx bumper doesn't offer any more venting than the chuki one, but it does look better. Chin spoilers are available for all OEM bumpers, but if you want something functional you're better off building your own front splitter.

    Are you finding you have brake fade or problems with front grip?


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      To be honest im still just in the process of building my car, so I have no idea if i'm going to have problems with brake fade or not. It was more to just keep the option open for the future. I do have the chuki bumper, but like I said, it's pretty beat to hell.


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        I'd suggest just getting another chuki bumper if yours is beat up. They're pretty cheap and easy to find, and when you want to add some brake ducting the vents are already there.


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          Plus, you won't feel bad about cutting it up if necessary.