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  • Z32 HICAS upright

    Ok, so I've had these HICAS uprights for years and am starting to get ready to set them up for installation in a planned tear down/rebuild. I was doing some bushing research and ran across this thread

    I knew the HICAS tie rod end utilized a bigger bore than the camber and traction link bushings, but I was unaware that non-HICAS models used the same bore in all three. I want to stick with rubber if possible, so are there any options? Nismo's diagrams list the toe arm bushing as being a separate p/n from the camber/traction bushings (as well as calling it a rear axle bushing).

    Thanks in advance!

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    The toe bushing is a different design from the camber and traction bushings. It doesn't have a metal sleeve around its circumference.

    Id bet you could install it just fine in your uprights given the compliance of the rubber.

    That said, non hicas uprights aren't that pricey...
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      Aha. I figured they had metal sleeves like the other bushings.

      Concept Z has a good picture of the bushing, so now it all makes sense.


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        I've got some HICAS uprights that I'm about to install. I just pressed the old bushes out today.
        The toe bush is only about 0.5-0.6mm bigger in diameter than the other 2. I'm just going to use my existing spherical bearings that I have in the s13 knuckles and shim and use some loctite 660 on the toe ones.

        If you're using rubber bushes I wouldn't think that it would make much of a difference.
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          Yeah, I don't think the rubber will give me an issue. Since they didn't have rubber in them originally, I was just operating under the assumption that they used the same bushing as the traction and camber bushings. And I hate assuming.


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            Can anyone confirm what bushing would work instead of the balljoint?
            Is the difference so small a Hard-Race rubber bushing would work?


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