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Zerk fittings in stock arms/upright

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  • Zerk fittings in stock arms/upright

    What is the best way to do this? Should I use a self tapping fitting or tap to a specific size? Any size recommendations? I'm thinking smaller would be better. I'm assuming the size would be driven by the type/size of bit I'm using to drill through the cast iron upright. Any thoughts?
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    I would not use a self tapping zerk fitting for the cast iron - it's a total PITA to tap so you need something hard.

    I'd probably be looking for the smallest fitting possible to reduce the material removal of the upright.
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      I used the self-tapping fittings on mine, no problems. The only bitch is that there is nowhere on the mount for the toe arm on the upright to install a fitting, you have to grind a flat spot for the fitting to be installed. The grease likes to go between the arm/upright and the bushing rather than the sleeve and the bushing sometimes though so it is a bit messy to grease them up. My suspension felt much better with the fresh grease and the zerk fittings though. I think it is definitely worth it.
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        How does this work?