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Fuel Tank Baffle?

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  • Fuel Tank Baffle?

    Anyone else ever ran into this issue? Can you foresee any safety issues as a result of this? I guess I will have to be vigilant about always running with a full tank now.

    1992 LS13

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    I've heard of it happening. Maybe you should just stick your MIG welder in there and patch 'er up! (don't do this!)

    Think you could pop rivet it back to everything?

    But I've gotta ask... why the hobo pee in your tank???
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      This seems relatively common -- I haven't had the baffles come apart in my car, but I've pulled a couple from friends' cars.


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        Mine is flopping around the tank right now too. Gona empty it and air it out before I attempt any repairs.

        Would I be better off using the foam like in a fuel cell?
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          My fuel gauge worked fine on the bench but not on the car. Finally did a flashlight inspection and could see the baffle flopping around. Fought with it and used up a few band aids but got it out. Best I can tell it's only protecting a vent line that connects the rollover valve to the filler neck vent. Make sure after you get it out, verify the vent is connected before closing up. Oh yes, my fuel gauge works now!
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            I had this happen at the track once. It was floating around loosely in there and shorted the contacts on my fuel pump everytime I transitioned hard right. I pulled it out and for the rest of that year the fuel tank was far more susceptible to slosh and starvation at lower levels.