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What's wrong with these turbo studs??

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  • What's wrong with these turbo studs??

    Sr20 motor, unknown header.

    I'm replacing the manifold-turbo gasket and broke a stud tightening it all up. (second-to-last stud before the job would have been over... Ugh. So now I am trying to install 4 new Nissan studs I think from a 300zx tt. Part number: 14064-40P01

    they won't thread into the manifold so I am checking them and am stumped. there are two sides of the stud (short and long. Manifold and turbo) and seem to possibly be different threads but I can't tell.

    I can get a m8 1.25 nut to thread both sides and can run the same die down the turbo side. But I can't get the die to run on the flange side of these studs. Likewise, my problem is I can't thread them into the manifold. The threads line up with my thread sizer as 1.25 on both sides but there is something different.
    What is going on???
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    I'm in the process of doing my gasket too..only loosening them, one of the 4 broke off inside.

    I don't imagine it's going to be fun trying to get it out either...

    I'm even trying to separate the turbo and maybe bring that piece to a machine shop but it doesn't seem to want to separate...I've undone all but the two screws which are half way.

    Actually, to make matters worse it was not only the gasket manifold-to-turbo gasket that went out on me, the actual stock cast iron exhaust manifold was cracked too. (Turbo side, inside on the corner of where they put the notch)

    Gaskets are such a pita.
    97 Kouki SR 240


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      well, you might not be in that bad of a situation. you have a broken stud in a broken manifold. just get a new manifold or header and everything will be peachy!

      in the meantime, my only thought on my mystery studs is to take them to the dealer and see what they say....

      i'm guessing no one else has ever seen this?

      it's not just one of them, it's all.... I am just stumped.


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        could you drill out the studs and resize the holes? That's what i had to do.


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          studs are out. don't need to resize them -- even if i wanted to, i don't know what the studs are.

          they seem to be m8x1.25. they look like it, have 1.25 pitch threads on both ends and an 8mm 1.25 nut threads on both sides, but the tap won't go on the short side and the short side won't thread into the manifold (but the long will).