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P500 VSS code issues

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  • P500 VSS code issues

    Been dealing with a terrible P500 VSS code for awihle now. Speedometer works fine, installed a new wire from the ECU to the display due to no continuity in the factory wire somehow. I plan to switch out the speedo itself and inspect the printed circuit on the back of the display to see if there is an issue with the signal that goes to the ECU.

    If anyone has delt with this this or has pointers please let me know, i need this fixed so i can get through emissions and get this VQ swap underway.

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    I know this is an old post, but it might come up for someone else....

    I had this issue and it turned out to be a bad circuit board on the Speedo, so I decided to replace the entire Speedo with a spare. Issue resolved.
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      I replaced the speedo, and the wire from the ecu, error still continued. Swapped out ecu for another, code switched to evap campsites code. Fixed within an hour of getting tru code, ecu was giving wrong code. Cel stayed off after final repair.