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Z32 Upright Bushings

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  • Z32 Upright Bushings

    Does anyone know if ES makes a poly bushing kit for the Z32 upright? I can't use spherical's per my class.

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    Your class allows you to change out the uprights but not spherical bearings?

    You'd be better off with rubber than poly in there. They have to move axially and poly will not do that well.
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      I have ES bushings in mine. don't do it. causes so much suspension bind that the car handles worse than it did on worn stock bushings. sphericals or rubber.
      (NISMO used to make some stiffer ones that would be legal...)

      I also have a set of sphericals that have moulded rubber boots in them. they look identical to the OEM rubber bushings, but they're sphericals. Perfect for you.
      Only problem is they only have a 10mm ID, so I had to tack weld some 10mmID washers on the mounts to reduce the slop.
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      I don't care what color they are as long as they are LONG AND HARD.
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        Thanks for the advice guys!