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Has anyone gutted these shocks?

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  • Has anyone gutted these shocks?

    I was wondering if anyone knew anyone that has gutted open Tein HAs? Particularly, i am trying to figure out if the inner diameter is the same as the OEM 240sx shocks. I ask because I am figuring out if Koni yellow inserts will fit inside of them .

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    Contact Tein and repeatedly yell at them until someone intelligent gets on the phone and ask them what the inner diameter of the shock is. I had to do that with JIC, haha!


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      i talked to a technician and he told me a R&D Engineer would call me back in 30 mins... never happened.

      i was browsing on Tein's site and apparently they do revalving services as well... Would a revalved Tein HA damper be as wide of a range as a revalved Koni Yellow damper? I asked the technician if he could provide any revalved dynos, and he sounded pretty confused on what I wanted.


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        If the guy that would likely be revalving your dampers is confused when you ask for a shock dyno, I think that answers any questions as to their ability to offer a good damping solution for your application.
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          Yeah, I spoke w/ Stance and JIC about getting custom valved coilovers. I event got to send them shock dynos, that is about when I'd stop hearing from them.

          That is why I am going with bilsteins...hopefully I can get that to work out for me. I'm about a month away from taking the plunge and ordering the shocks and ground controls...and rear top hats...and SPL RUCA and Toe arms, I'm going to be broke as a joke!