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Koni Custom vs Ground Control

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  • Koni Custom vs Ground Control

    Just picked up an s13 after a few years hiatus from 240's...I don't have the car yet (picking up this weekend) and am doing my typical over-thinking and lurking. All the hype has settled a little prices are pretty reasonable on the S13 again - though I just spent a grand more than I wanted to on this s13 I intend to keep mods light for now. though a stock KA will probably be boring after having had 2 SR's...

    Glad I found this forums (new to me), looks like a great knowledge base Looks like the preferred setup here is 8610/8611 - custom built. Is anyone using the ground control kit? I'm guessing (not putting in much effort), this is virtually the same end product as the kits you guys are building with Richards custom bodies?

    Am I correct? If not school me on the difference please?



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    I think the GC kit just uses Yellows, and it doesn't look like the front has much compression travel.

    I'd pass on their kit.

    8610's with Richard's housings, or maybe Yellows in the rear will do great, and be cheaper than the GC kit if you do any sort of bargain hunting.
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      I thought the GC setup used 8610s in front and yellows in back.

      I know someone on here has that kit, they will prob chime in.


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        Originally posted by e1_griego View Post
        I thought the GC setup used 8610s in front and yellows in back.

        I know someone on here has that kit, they will prob chime in.
        Their standard kit is just yellows all around. You can upgrade to 8610s up front, obviously for more cash.


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          overthink?, a cheep set of used/or blown Megans JIC/HKS/Tien or somthing and have quality threaded dampers put in when they go bad/blow.
          Ohlins has excellent customer support and are very helpfull. Penski and Qa1 can also help, but make sure you tell them its a car not a motorcycle. I have a buddy with a Miata that has stock 750 gsxr rear shocks on it with custom spring rates and baffles. Mine were 50mm x 1.5 mm and I just replaced the front cause the rear wasnt blown and I used the front spring for the rear (8KG) and bought 10KG for the front. Im sure if I drove racecars for a living I would have a complaint but I think it has better feedback and the front doesn't bounce when I hit apex stips too hard. It also doesnt loose control in transition and has ok turn in for how stiff it is.


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            100$ more for 8610s upfront... that's the route I went... been happy with them, definitely limited travel upfront. My sig pic is about as low as I want to go.

            And btw... questions about the GC complete setup seem to popup every day... *sigh*