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Need some help with s13 and s14 dimensions

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  • Need some help with s13 and s14 dimensions

    Hi all

    I am working on some sub-frame stuff to adapt the S-chassis sub-frame to my vehicle.

    There is a lot of information out on the net, but I've been using the FSM for chassis dimensions, and I'm a bit confused. I hope you all can help.

    Now reading all of the S14 rear sub-frame into S13 threads, They confirm that there is an offset of 5.5mm on each adaptor bushing.

    This would point to the fact that the rear sub-frame bushings, are 11mm wider apart left-to-right, on the s14 when compared to the s13.

    The FSM does not say this though.
    From stud to stud, the fsm for the s13 says 606mm, and the fsm for the s14 says 855mm.

    Now I'm confused because the Fsm is obviously wrong. But I don't know which dimension to work off of, the s13 or s14 lol

    Can someone give me a measurement. It doesn't need to be accurate. I just need to know if it's closer to 606 or 855 and then I will automatically select one, in assuming the other may be an error.

    For those who are wondering where I'm getting these dimensions from, it's on the last page of the Body & Trim portion of the fsm.

    any assistance is greatly appreciated.

    - Billy

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    just read the other thread and someone else confirmed the s14 is in the 600's.

    s14 fsm is incorrect. i double triple checked.