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Ride heights after corner weighing

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  • Ride heights after corner weighing

    I did quite a bit of searching, but couldn't find too much data on ride heights after corner weighing. I know it depends on the car configuration, but think the data would be useful anyway. With logr's help, I've swapped out my suspension, but have many other changes coming up, so I don't want to invest in a corner weighing just yet. Plus I'd be interested in what height the experienced guys here choose for handling.
    Hopefully others would be interest too.
    So I'd like to start a poll - type chassis, significant weight factors (engine, cage, etc.), and ride height. I guess many would be interested in actual corner weights too.

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    SR20DET, No cage, stripped rear end, retain most other interior trims. No A/C. Battery in OEM position.
    My corner weights with me in the car and a 1/2 tank of petrol is:
    329kg F/L 337kg F/R
    266kg R/L 280kg R/R
    Diagonal weight difference is less than 1%.
    I havent measured ride height.
    Theres a few photos up in my blog to give an idea on ride height.


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      When I had mine corner balanced, I told the shop that I didn't have much room to go lower in the back due to the 295/17/30 hoosiers I run back there and they took it from there.

      Before you bring it to them I would make sure none of the lower control arms are going up from the subframe. For the suspension to work properly they have to be at the lowest, parallel to the ground. That is a good rule of thumb.
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