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  • A/C Refill Questions

    Hi/Low Sensor went bad, got another new one, took the old one off, all of the gas came out as expected. But I did not realize that much a/c oil was going to come out.

    Car is a 93 KADE S13 COUPE, All Stock A/C Components

    1. How much oil do I have to put back in, Can I just run a R134 Can that has oil added all in one?
    2. What Kind Oil? PAG? What strength/thickness?
    3. Can I fill the oil in from the hole underneath the hi/low sensor
    4. Do I absolutely have to pull a vacuum before I refill the system with R134a?
    5. Can I get away with not doing the vacuum and just filling it as is with oil?
    6. If No, What is the cheapest/easiest way to do it? (Pulling Vacuum)


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    take it to an a/c guy. **** is poisonous. probably the worst part of my engine swap.
    Wayne T. Edwards
    1996 240sx


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      If you just add oil it will probably be overfilled and kill efficiency. Is it even an r134A system? They weren't required until '94. Mixing r134a with r12 creates phosgene gas and will kill you instantly. You absolutely must pull a vacuum on it before filling it. You're best bet is to take it to a shop. It will probably be cheaper to fill than you think. (As long as they're not ripping you off)
      98 240SX SCCA STUish


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        took it to a pro, ****s fixed for good!