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Strange Engine Issue - CEL

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  • Strange Engine Issue - CEL

    Got a check engine light around 7-8 times in the last 3 days

    I get the CEL (Check Engine Light), Engine starts bucking and stumbling like how it does when theres water in the plug wires.

    I hear an extremely loud clicking/tapping sound from the area of the cylinder #2 injector/fuel rail area.

    Tried to get the code, but the light just stays solid (both the led on the dash and the one inside the ecu,

    followed the fsm instructions, turn screw clockwise, hold for at least 2 seconds, then turn back counter clockwise,

    I have done this multiple times with both the engine running and not running in key on position, still same things both leds on dash and ecu just stay solid

    When I am not getting a CEL, the cars runs solid 100% for the most part, (no clicking or tapping from cly 2, injector 2) but everyone once in a while will buck/stuble very very hard just once (feels like its about to blow a rod through the block).

    Im not really sure what to do since i cant diagnose the CEL, everything in the spark system is pretty much brand new (less then 1 month old - plugs, wires, rotor, cap), changed wires yesterday morning, pulled the plugs today, they look fine.

    I thought about having the injectors cleaned and tested, I am less than 45 min from the injector clinic in harbor sound, and rpm diesel in ft lauderdale. Im located in Boynton Beach, FL.

    Any suggestions?

    I thought about taking it to the dealer, but they would prolly charge me an assload by saying I have to buy a new ecu so they can read the CEL.


    OH, Car is a 1993 KA24DE S13 Coupe, 5spd, Non ABS, OBD1

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    same exact scenario here! just to be clear im not imagining it


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      I'd try to find a ECU first.

      My car used to buck for a while on moderate throttle change due to a bad distributor, even though I was still getting spark in all 4 cyl.


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        I wonder if these ECU's are starting to die like the DSM ones did with the leaking capacitors.. it is possible being as they only have so much life in them and they are getting very old.


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          replaced the injectors with flow tested/rebuilt ones from boostlab in tampa, did not fix the clicking/stumbling issue, the clicking is still from the area around cyl # 2, (fuel rail, injector, head that region) i even unplugged the knock sensor to see if it would make any difference, nothing, CEL is still solid and checking it is the same just stays solid, currently looking for another ECU. Is it possible that this issue could be caused by any other sensor? I can take a video of it if needed.



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            turned out it was a bad ecu, swapped it for a known working one, and showed a code 55 (all normal, no code), just for reference my ecu went bad after a 7 hour road trip at 165,000 miles, car is 93 ka24de coupe s13. If you ever get a solid cel all the time, swap the ecu. The going rate for a ecu is about 50$ used.

            Thanks for all the help