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S14 180mph speedometer?

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  • S14 180mph speedometer?

    I feel like this is a ridiculous i will be asking for it anyways. I recall seeing a few different write-ups over the years about people modifying the JDM speedos to work with MPH and i even did one on my S13 cluster like 4 years ago. I really only want the info from the write-up on how to adjust the speedo for a more accurate reading.

    I have changed my diff to a J30 diff with a 3.9:1 FD and want to dial in the speedo to be a bit more spot on to what it should be. All the write-ups i have found reference freshalloy that has no working pictures and no real help there. So i am hoping someone on here has the info saved or has a better location to get the info so i can try to adjust this issue so i dont get caught speeding whiel i think im driving perfectly within the limits.

    Thanks in advance guys hopefully someone can help me out.

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    There was a thread out there some where where a dude wired up a DIP switch to each adjuster terminal and did the tests to see what did what.

    According to this thread here are the correction factors for each pin:

    ADJ 9: -49.4%
    ADJ 8: -24.7%
    ADJ 7: -12.4%
    ADJ 6: -6.2%
    ADJ 5: -3.1%
    ADJ 4: -1.5%
    ADJ 3: -0.8%
    ADJ 2: -0.4%
    ADJ 1: -0.2%
    ADJ 0: -0.1%

    It seems to vary by cluster and FD ratio application so you may have to play around with it yourself after all.
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      Originally posted by Umai Kakudo View Post
      There was a thread out there some where where a dude wired up a DIP switch to each adjuster terminal and did the tests to see what did what.
      And I am that dude.

      It looks like Cox finally killed my storage space. I think I saw those pictures on my computer the other day though, I can take a look when I get home.

      Ideally for doing this you use a signal generator so you can bench test, but you can also just do the math for what the speedometer should show and verify that it's right when you put it back in the car. The reason for the solder joints is for fine tuning the calibration, so each gauge will have different joints soldered on the back.
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        Here's what knate wrote Worked perfectly for me by simple percent addition. Thanks.


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          I found some of the old pictures:

          Resistor to remove if you are going from 180km/h to 180mph to almost correct the odometer.

          Those along with what I wrote on Freshalloy should be enough to figure it out. You just need to figure out which numbers you want soldered and do it, pretty straight forward. After removing that resistor the odometer will be close, but is still ~6% high.

          Link to original Freshalloy post:

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            Any input on what to do about a dead odometer, I bought a 180KPH and did this a while ago but the odo is dead. Can you replace the unit or swap faces?


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              Oh, I know what I'm doing tonight
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                On a related note:

                Knate can you re-host/post up here your s13 speedo conversion pictures also? I spent a good amount of time a few weeks back digging through google caches to try and find any source of pictures and it did not turn out so well. Thanks in advance.
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                  If I recall there's a thread on nicoclub how to convert from 180kph to 180mph.

                  Or you could make a custom dash with a speedhut speedometer They even have a gps based one which basically just needs a power source and it's good to go.
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                    Originally posted by CodyAce View Post
                    Oh, I know what I'm doing tonight

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                      Originally posted by a_ahmed View Post
                      If I recall there's a thread on nicoclub how to convert from 180kph to 180mph.
                      All the threads are just copy/pastes of my original article. The S13 pictures are much older, I don't think I still have those ones. I'll look after work. Hugh from had rehosted the pictures at one point but those are down as well.

                      NismoPlsr, do you need a speedo done? If you want me to do it I could cut you a deal and then take new pictures. Shoot me a PM if you are interested.


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                        I was going through some old files and stumbled upon a couple pictures from an S13 speedo I did..

                        The blue marks are where you measure across to get in the ballpark. The only proper way to calibrate this is with a signal generator or tweak it while driving.