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    Anyone running a wing of any sort? I looked into this a few years ago but decided to work on sorting the rest of my car first, as running aero parts with Stance coilovers seemed silly. A kid at a local meet a few weeks ago had an enormous Voltex wing (MSRP $1600!!!) and it got me thinking again. I have other stuff to worry about now so I'm not gonna spend money on one, but I just wanted to see if you guys have thought about it. Ebay seems to always have APR aluminum wings on "closeout"-

    That one's 16" tall, seems like plenty to get it into clean air.

    Def, I know you had mentioned picking up a cheapo ebay wing a few years back. Any new thoughts on that?

    S2000 guys love themselves a wing, the Maxrev guy had some interesting feedback on different wings but I can't find it now.
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    I'm betting money that in a few more months, you will be able to pick up a NASCAR Car Of Tomorrow wing for not a lot of money. While they may not be as effective on our cars, I'd bet money that they at least have some wind tunnel testing done to them. I'm aware that the testing was done with the wing ON the car, but that's still infinitely more testing then a cheap ebay wing will have.

    They may also be too wide for our cars.
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      The way to go is probably a used APR GTC300 or 500, like what Sasha Anis had on the Sequence Garage car for CTCC... 67" wing with custom stands. The GTC should work pretty well as long as you have the other aero bits to make it really work (splitter, diffuser, etc.), and it doesn't look like total rice like the eBay wing does...


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        I guess the other factor is doing this in a cost effective way. Sure, a carbon APR GT wing probably does more than a standard airfoil shape aluminum wing, or even an ebay version of such, but even a GTC300 is like $700. The Voltex wings are like twice that.
        ~1992 240SX, SR20/Koni track day car
        ~2016 M3, daily driver


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          They still sell the wing I bought and never got around to putting on for like $70ish shipped, so it's not like you're breaking the bank by trying it out. The airfoil is a decent low speed shape, and it's a dual element so you can tweak things a bit to get it in its "happy zone."

          I'll probably build custom standoffs for mine if I ever end up putting it on.

          I wouldn't be that inclined to go with a "spec series" wing, as they typically aren't choosen for things like efficiency, as the aim of the upper "spec" series is usually to slow cars down, so if slapping a draggy wing on the back makes everybody get an extra 200 lbs of drag at 150 mph compared to a more efficient wing, then all the better.
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