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S13 and S14 bumper beams interchangable?

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  • S13 and S14 bumper beams interchangable?

    Had an idea they may or may not be class legal or even possible.

    I can update/backdate any part from any 240sx as long as it's all one unit (entire engine, entire trans, etc.). If the S13 bumper beam is lighter and fits on the s14 without modification and the bumper fits back on, it might be worth swapping. But here's the problem;
    "The updating and/or backdating of...unibodies must be done as a unit; component parts and specifications of these units may not be interchanged. "If it's considered part of the unibody, it's moot. If not some weight off the ends of the car certainly wouldn't hurt.

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    S12 and S14 bumper beams bolt on to either chassis. The frame rail mounting is identical.

    I don't have exact weights but I'm pretty sure the S14 crash beam is significantly heavier than the S14.

    S13s are heavy a sin and S14s are just slightly hefty.
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      I'm thinking there are some typos in there, but I think the point was I should stick with the S14 beams.