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If you were doing a tubed front end s13

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  • If you were doing a tubed front end s13

    What would you do?

    I've intended to do this in the past and I'm finally up for it... and it needs to be done as my front end sucks and no im not getting another chassis.

    I am going to a local guy who has exceptional welding skills and has done a few different tube front setups although mostly for drifting limited classes (DMCC). He can do pretty much anything with the right amount of money but he is reasonable and loves what he does. He's done a rear tube setup as well.

    My front end is garbage, not straight, frame rails crapped on one side, one of them was so rusted it split when being towed, radiator support being mangled up two years ago where I had to temporarily fit lights (long story), etc... and the stock s13 wheel wells are rubbish for space. So in one blow... I want to do this and install my new fenders, eastbear lights, bumper, etc...

    I want to be able to have proper travel/space for 295/30/18 up front. Lose as much front end weight. I know down the line he can shift the engine back too... Triangulate stuff... etc... etc...

    Now if you were doing it what would you do? He can chop it all the way to the firewall... I have no rules nor do I care for any rules or classes.. I enjoy my ride progressively getting faster and enjoying it to the fullest on track with no limitations. Unlimited class it is... but I'm not loaded $$$ of course... Small steps one at a time...

    It got me thinking I was planning to get the PBM front spindle/lca setup, but then... if he can do custom work on the towers even, etc... what would you do instead? And then I was thinking... cutting all the way to the firewall maybe a double a-arm setup but how much would that reasonably cost and how to calc everything properly?
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    Here is some inspiration I've been collecting.

    I have 2 bent S13s and plan on doing a front clip replacement in the near future.

    Chassis 1
    Chassis 2
    (expect slow load times due to lots of pics)

    Everything is predicated on upright selection so pick those and the rest will follow.

    To save money utilize the circle track component suppliers like coleman racing and ub machine.

    If you can find hookups on people who have a late, mill, and cnc plasma cutter you can make some good stuff for the cost of materials and labor.

    Good luck!
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      I'd go with the GT-R dual control arm setup, but it's reportedly fairly heavy so maybe another true dual setup from an FD, Miata, or maybe a 350z, or maybe just a full custom setup would be better. If using the GT-R, I'd leave the lower frame rails as far as you can and cut off everything else from the shock towers forward. Add back GT-R shock towers and tube the rest. If something else, just cut off everything and make it look like nascar.


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        I wonder how much something like this would go for from an fd rx7? I'm sure he would be able to fabricate this with a tubed setup in the front:

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          I'm googling... I'm googling... and I came across this:

          Also I think these are based on FC rx7. Was the fc also a-arms?
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            I thought I saw awhile ago that the z32 has IFS; if that's accurate, why not take the front from a z32? Keep in mind, I have zero experience with them so forgive me if I'm wrong.


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              FC is Mcpherson... and I dont think I've ever seen a double a-arm 240sx and I think there's a reason for that... unless you have extensive experience in chassis and suspension tuning, I think you may be in over your head !!


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                Originally posted by spent View Post
                FC is Mcpherson... and I dont think I've ever seen a double a-arm 240sx and I think there's a reason for that... unless you have extensive experience in chassis and suspension tuning, I think you may be in over your head !!
                How about the FR R14? That has IFS.


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                  thats kind of what i was thinking of... r14

                  but then... i thought to myself i totally forgot about dent motorsports 240rs maxi And going a-arms kinda thing would mean new shocks and alot more work/money..

                  Not only do I love the 240rs maxi build but the blue color is my favorite color in the whole entire world haha.. i know some people may not like the color but bill built a beast

                  He still kept the mcpherson front setup although he didn't fully go tubed but in part. If it works for him i dunno why it wouldnt work for me

                  I am looking more and more at his setup and... ive looked at a few bmw 3 series front ends that are tubed for ideas. Those google books examples u sent had a few, lots of inspiration in there for sure whoever put that together is boss.

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                    Instead of keeping the strut towers and sides of the car as it is, i can chop those and have tubes instead. triangulate and brace angled like he did similarly all over.
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                      This sounds like a prohibitively expensive proposition.

                      I think the most I'd do is something like dai's setup.


                      Or you could attempt the R13, but again that's $$$
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                        I personally do not see the cost and time being worthwhile, this side of a real deal track car, or first hand fab shop ability and time.

                        Don't get me wrong, it's neat...but that's about where my thoughts about it start and end...I'd focus on areas of the car that really need it, before attempting a 'new front suspension' sort to speak. Heck, I'd sooner just get a C5 Z06, and sell my POS before devoting the time, R+D, and material to do it on my s14
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                          Some like unique, some like practical. I'm copying you, def, and monty in my build because we have a good idea what works for lots of track time and minimal hassle. OP clearly is after something else.
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                            aren't you like broke or something?

                            Save your money, buy a better car.
                            Originally posted by SoSideways
                            I don't care what color they are as long as they are LONG AND HARD.
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                              lol at last few posts.

                              To each their own. I will not buy another car and start from scratch considering how much time and money I've invested in the 240. I could have just bought a new sports car that's trackable from the get go if i put all the money together, but it's worthwhile learning and going along the way.

                              I do see benefit considering my front end is **** and partly manlged. I am not getting another chassis.

                              I'm going to stick to something alongside the 240rs maxi front except more cut out.

                              I've always done things differently but that's because I set my mind to achieve something even if others disagree. Believe it or not, I got the same attitude when people locally thought I was 'crazy' to build a grip 240sx. I did everything opposite of the norm and you know what I am happy with the results and will keep going

                              And I never got into this for others, but for myself, I also could care less about rules or classes, I want to enjoy myself to the max and not be restricted by dumb rulings on what's allowed or not allowed.
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