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? about S13 multilink bushings

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  • ? about S13 multilink bushings

    Since I have to install all my new arms anyway but am wanting to replace the bushings in the spindle as well (Mapp gas torch , hammer, wire brush is my preffered method) I figured it just take the whole subframe out to work on it easier.

    My issue though is ..Is there anything wrong with burning out the spindle bushings while its still attached to the A arm and axles and with the hub and bearings attached.

    Same with the lower A arm. Id rather not have to remove the A arm ball joint.

    it probably sounds really dumb. Im just worried if the heat could radiate to anything important cuz there are grease packed items very close by that might not like heat ..cuz I think i remember being told not to do it that way but im lazy.
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