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S13 KA24DE and S13 KA24E TPS Question

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  • S13 KA24DE and S13 KA24E TPS Question

    OK, I have search on this topic for a few days now and I have found no definitive answer. So, here it goes.

    On the S13 KA24DE there's one plug on it for the harness and the S13 KA24E there's two plugs. I'm not attesting that the fact you can use a KA24E TPS on a KA24DE. What I am wondering is other than visual, what is the voltage, electronic and reading difference between the two. As most answers are I don't know, doesn't matter you can use it on a KA24DE or my personal favorite, I forget how many 240s I've owned and all had KA's... I know what I'm talking about.

    Only reason I really started thinking about this is a friend was saying his car that just did a KA24E to KA24DE swap said his car was running like like garbola. When I did see it in person that's the one thing that my eye's where immediately drawn too. As when I first went from an S13 KA24DE to an S14 KA24DE-T, I made sure all the sensors on the new motor where for the S13 shell, with the exception of running an MSD6 ignition box, MSD 8027 blaster coil and a Z32 MAF.

    Thanks for any input.

    (pics are just visual aids)
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    im 99% sure they are both a linear voltage vs degree sensor with the same range...I don't think there is any functional difference at all...except for the afore mentioned A/T kickdown switch


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      Both TPS units are compatible across all years of 240sx. They also fit the Axxess, Pulsar Sentra, Stanza and Altima.

      Here's a couple of resources; For parts compatibility, go to O'reilly's and look up the part for your car, then click on the "compatibility" tab and it will show you a list of other cars that use the same part. This database use to belong to a group called PartsAmerica and included CSK & Advance Auto. Oreilly's bought out CSK and got the best free online cross-reference out there. You won't do better without buying a Hollanders subscription.

      For an online Factory Manual go to They have it hosted in sections like the hard copy. From there you can find the voltage/resistance values and troubleshooting tests.
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