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strut tower brace/firewall triangulation

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  • strut tower brace/firewall triangulation

    So Shiftdrift and I have been thinking about doing a good setup for the community of a solid strut tower brace with tie-ins to the firewall.

    I was thinking using a set of sandwich/mount plates to distribute the force on the upper firewall there could be some much needed rigidity added to the front end of our cars, but still allow for access to when you want to remove maintenance items or your turbo etc. Here is a pathetic paint drawing I did; the execution can be speculated on; and to give the best product we would appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance!
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    the product will be worked on including several other items for s chassis in the upcoming weeks. hoping to have 3-4 products in prototype phase by february. pricing will be very affordable and QUALITY is going to be the focus.


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      Thoughts? We looked at a center connection for the triangulation; but the plate to remove there can be stripped easily making the install for the general laymen possibly difficult.


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        Looks good, but how are you going to make this doable with stock stuff there? Unfortunately the stock stuff pretty well covers most areas you'd want to triangulate to. The other issue is how thin the metal is there. I don't think it's going to do much unless you really take the time to significantly distribute that force into other parts of the unibody and stiffen it up. You can move the stock upper firewall around by hand unfortunately, as it's not really structural at all. The pinch weld is strong, but it's hard to get any forces to it unless you weld to it.
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          That's where my hot rod building comes in. Those firewalls are thin but we do wilwood setups on them and brace the firewall. I'm going to look into making plates to bolt into the backside of the firewall (under cowl) to distribute the force and greatly reduce stress. This will be on both sides. There are areas to work with on the stock firewall. Also, the areas that have creases are much for rigid.