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Mishimoto radiator fin design VS

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  • Mishimoto radiator fin design VS

    I am seeing if anyone here has had data or experience on running Mishimoto radiators vs a Koyo or more established company. I know they make crap intercoolers, and it could very well be the case for radiators, however I do not have access to one in real life, nor can i tell from looking at product pictures.

    Any input?

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    The guys I know that have used them still had the same cooling issues after install.
    a few switched to "real" radiators and things got better.

    Basically, their radiators are just as good as their intercoolers. I'd spend a bit more money and go elsewhere.
    Originally posted by SoSideways
    I don't care what color they are as long as they are LONG AND HARD.
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      alright. Thats pretty much the answer I was looking for.


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        I picked a Mishimoto up cheap to run with my LS swap. I don't have ac but its never let me down even at drift events in July. I think its more about the fans and shrouds. I didn't go with the smaller 12" fans, I've got a 19" fan for the main one and a smaller 12" for auxiliary. The bigger one covers the radiator from top to bottom and about 2/3 rds across with the 12"er just having enough room to take care of the other 1/3'd.


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          Originally posted by jham4x4
          I think its more about the fans and shrouds.

          It's both: the flow rate of the air going through the fins, and the heat transfer coefficient of the fins.


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            Had a koyo with altima fans on the drag car and temps would be 220 after a pass, put the mishimoto on with same fans and it went down to 185 after a pass. Held up good also with 60 psi of boost going to it also lol. Don't know how it would hold up in a road race.