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Stupid battery connection problem

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  • Stupid battery connection problem

    I just tried getting power to my car yesterday and all it did when I hooked up the cables was spark ridiculously. Almost like it tried to weld itself to the terminal really. I read that this could be a short problem, anyone have any input?

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    Maybe the wires are grounding out somewhere. Follow where both lead to and check condition.
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      Ehh, it's mounted in the trunk. Negative is alright, positive is connected to a copper plate where two more positives branch off, one to the starter, and the other goes to the fuse box, which is also in the trunk.

      They are also 2 ga wires. It would be hard to wear through them. That and the power was low, but worked before I took the car apart.
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        Ah, I think I'm about to be embarrassed. How is the starter wiring hooked up? Is the top lug the one for the positive battery?


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          Its the big copper one.
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            They're both copper, on mine. After reviewing it, it looks like the upper one is the only unused lug.


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              There should be one 2ga wire going to the starter. Then there is a plug for the lower engine harness that comes off of it.
              SM 63 KA-t 470hp 480tq G30-660 A2W IC