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choosing a clutch for RR with some drag in there

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  • choosing a clutch for RR with some drag in there

    looking to pick up a new clutch here. I found the limit of my d21 clutch at the track last night and need to upgrade since my turbo ate the clutch. I am up in the air on what to run (clutch type) that would be best suited for road racing with the occasional drag race.

    I only have experience on sprung organic clutches, so I am not sure if I should go for a sprung or unsprung clutch (4 or 6 puck for that matter as well).

    the ka is running 16lbs of boost right now at ~300hp, but I am trying to pick the clutch for the 600hp range for my upgrades here. I have the nissan d21 hardbody flywheel (240mm) which the 280z and 300zx N/A utilize.

    I dont know anyone who has run a unsprung clutch on a road racing car personally, most of the people I know run drag cars. thanks for the input
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    If you're running the stock tranny, then you need to keep a sprung hub. ACT makes several sprung hubs with 'race friction components'. The sprung hub keeps from shattering gears from driveline shock, which these trannies are famous for being weak in that regard.

    I can't comment on 300+hp applications, but for road race use at near-stock power, I've run ACT parts for years and have been very happy. Whenever the thing wears out, I just replace the $125 disc vs. a $500 clutch assembly. been through 2 friction discs in about 40k miles, and the first was a failure of the sprung hub assy from a "base model" clutch. The dirveline shock wound up tearing the steel around the springs and a spring came loose and lodged between the PP and disc. doh. I was at least able to still drive it home and just replaced the disc and have been fine ever since.
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      still running the stock trans, has been a really good trans to me. thanks for the input. seem to be some good options for sprung clutches around that range
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        Something like an ACT HD pressure plate would be good for that power level. Maybe go up to their XT pressure plate in anticipation of future power, but the pedal effort and thurst load goes up on the thrust bearing. Not that Nissans have a huge problem with that, but it can start to be an issue with tons of miles with a super heavy pressure plate.

        I'd go with a sprung street disk. The smooth engagement helps in drag racing.
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          yeah, was looking at the xt series just to have a little more clutch than I need. not planning on going past 450 on this engine, if i want more than that i am switching to a 6.0 v8 for a grassroots car.
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