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Custom s13 fenders?

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  • Custom s13 fenders?

    "If you can guarantee me 5 orders I will build and own the molds no charge.
    Fender cost will depend on complexity of original parts.
    Approx. ~ $300.-$400. each."

    This is a quote for custom light fenders for the s13, any interest???


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    So, is it 300-400 per fender or for a set?


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      $3-400 per fender, depending on the design that we choose... I think it sounds pretty good to get something that is designed for us to fit the tires and wheels that we are running. Other than a one off piece for anyone that wants to do >275 tires in front what other alternatives are there?


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        Just checking, I would love to say that I'm ready to purchase some fenders, but the truth is that I still don't know if I want to do a Silvia conversion yet or not and how much I really want to spend on the body. Most of my car funds go towards brake pads/tires/track fees/gas/gas/gas...


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          I know how that goes, 100 octane is over $7/gallon... I just want something that covers my tires, doesn't weigh more than the steel pieces, and helps the aero a little.


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            If you run Konis/GCs, you can run an 18x11 with a 285/30R18 in the front of an S13 with 30mm bolt-on flares.

            However, 30mm bolt-ons still leave a bunch of tire adding to frontal area. Something like N2/Cashiew-style full-bolt-ons would be better, although cost would be roughly similar to the fenders offered in this thread, and with a certain amount of increased weight.

            I'd have to see what these fenders are supposed to look like to make my choice. There are a ton of 20 and 30mm wide fenders available out there for cheap, and they can always be flexed for more clearance.

            The fact of the matter is that there's very little that will be strong and lighter than the steel fenders.
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              I really don't see a point to $300-$400 each fenders because like sonethreecoupe said there are a multitude of bolt-on options that would be wide enough to fit pretty much as much tire as you can use. I got my b-magic fenders used with 2 cracks that need to be repaired for nothing but a trade of some spare doors that I had lying around and installation of power windows and locks into them, so basically nothing but a few hours labor and a little gas. The b-magic fenders weigh 2.8lbs each which is a 3-4lb each weight redution from stock and I really don't think you could make the fenders any lighter than that.
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                400-500 for one fender is way overpriced... unless its like dry carbon or something...

                You can sually get both for like 300-400... unless he can make some REALLY REALLY awesome 50mm-70mm front fenders or something lol... and a bumper that would make it all wide and flush not bad fitted.

                And if it had aero benefits such as gaps being smaller/tighter, the front area being as closed as possible except the hole for brake vents and intercooler (if necessary for turbo) and radiator.

                That would be worth it.

                That's what I want to do with my car (the veilside pic is only reference for the veilside flush light kit -- non popups).

                That's what I want except wider body, more tighter/less gap between body pieces, good quality so its not flexy flimsy **** that bends then cracks, not heavier than stock but lighter hopefully (duh), some kind of aero improvement.

                All the aftermarket front bumpers have gaping mouth holes and gaping gaps between each piece... not very good for aero, but again most are drifting oriented lol so that 'air gets in to the radiator when ur sideways' haha

                Like if you look at the red car, the front bumper is stock with veilside's lip. I think it's perfect, if you can make the two black air holes/vents used for brake ducting and the front low small hole for radiator/ic ducting (and use a v setup -- but then again i would like to go ls1 so radiator will be only real concern, unless i go sr for a while or ka on the cheap or something like that to keep me busy).

                Wide fenders to fit 285/30/18... with the new housings there is less clearance so lower offset will be needed.. which means more shooting out the fenders clearance issues... if the front could be made perfect for a 285/30/18 on an s13... and all the other factors dialed in... we'd have a winning functional body kit imho.. that does not look rice, fits better, improves aero, is lighter, good quality, has less to no gaps between parts, lasts and is durable.

                There's no way I'm paying 400 a fender if its the same ol ****.
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