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z32 caliper bracket for 350z rotors?

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  • z32 caliper bracket for 350z rotors?

    would they work well at improving brake performance??

    should i be upgrading other parts of the braking system as well? BMC??

    these are the only adapter brackets i was able to find for sale online....

    looks like the brake pads would not cover the entire rotor...

    anyone know of any other brackets that are for sale??

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    alrighty, read an old thread and it seems like there is a lot of pad overhang....

    any other bigger rotor setup that works better?


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      not the best place to post this... I bought a set of anodized aluminum ones they worked fine. Braking performance was much better. I will be selling my pair shortly if your interested.
      Still Got a few part left! Shoot me a PM if you have questions!


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        While these do work, you'd be best off selling your Z32 setup and jus going with WilWoods
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