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SPAL Thermoswitch: Other Cooling Options

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  • SPAL Thermoswitch: Other Cooling Options

    Im in a pickle right now...I have a SPAL thermoswitch, but the problem is its very hard to mount. So i went and picked up a Buddy Club Adapter that would allow me to mount the thermoswitch on the Upper Rad Hose..unfortunately i would have to drill out the Adapter to fit the thermoswitch.

    So my options are as follows, and please feel free to add suggestions:

    Drill out the BClub adapter and restrict up to 75% of coolant flow( the switch sensor is pretty large)

    Or just sell the thermoswitch and run the fans like everyone else?

    Then would i still have track cooling issues? What are some other options to lets say beat around the bush(thermoswitch)?

    btw: they're dual electric Altima fans

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    I like my Greddy MSS for running dual altima fans. No additional sensor needed.

    As far as mounting additional sensors, I'd just tap a hole in the upper coolant neck. People are tapping the turbo coolant line return there, so there should be enough material to tap. Sell the buddy club adapter.
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      I'm installing the Hayden dual fan controller this weekend onto my car. I'll let you know how it works out.