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    Looking for some thoughts on a project car that I was approached about yesterday. A friend of mine in the Skyline world knows of a 91 GTS-T with a stroked 2.2L SR20DET Red Top.

    Apparently this guy has owned the car since '06 and was originally keeping it as a stock restore, putting a lot of work into keeping the body/shell clean. It's actually the cleanest shell I've ever seen in Canada. Stock everything, except Hicas lock-out and Tokico "coilovers" (non-adjustable shock/spring combo).

    2 years ago, this guy came across a 240 project with Brian Crower "2.2L" stroker kit (I thought all Brian Crower stroker kits were 2.3L). Anyway he bought the engine from this project in hopes of fitting it into the GTS-T.

    This guy has little mechanical knowledge, so he had a "friend" complete the entire project over a 2 year timeline and began driving it this summer. I guess it's the only Skyline rocking a stroked SR22 that these guys know of in North America. They actually ended up fitting a 240 front sub frame into the Skyline with custom engine mounts, IC piping, and downpipe, and a number of other bits that had to be swapped/trimmed to make everything work.

    So with the minimal knowledge that this guy had, he told me that the setup is Brian Crower 2.2L (2.3L?) stroker kit with the "biggest" (87mm?) available pistons. Head is stock but may have Ferrea valves, and may have cams, he was unsure. Fuel system is SARD pump, FPR, rail, injectors. Greddy IM, spitfire coil packs, and GT35R turbo on a "custom" version of what I think may be an ebay/megan/etc. manifold. Tial wastegate, he wasn't sure on size. Koyo rad is in rough shape, and Megan IC. Now that I think of it, I didn't even see a BOV, but surely they have one tucked behind a bumper somewhere. ECU is a Vipec, which is all that he knew about the tuning side.

    So that's the good part of the whole situation. The bad part is that the stroker kit in my opinion is toast, since he drove it to and from work yesterday with terrible rod knock. He showed me a video on his phone, where you can clearly hear it from inside the car while driving, and last night when we went to check the car out, he could only turn it over, but it was apparent with every stroke.

    The engine is a red top, which doesn't match up with my black top engines (can't swap a head/block/etc.). In my opinion, the short block is done at this point, and he's looking at parting the rest, since nobody is going to pay to try and salvage a stroker kit that has been installed twice (I guess they had "problems" the first time, of unknown origin, and now it's done).

    So here is the opinion portion of this terribly long post. This guy is moving and is looking to get out of this project asap. Ignoring the short block in the equation, what kind of price tag would you guys put on the engine for parting? My Skyline friend would like to get the rolling chassis, which is the best part of the car IMO. Swapping the front subframe / drivetrain back to an RB20 GTS-T setup. I could get the OS Giken clutch and Vipec ECU, the rest IMO would be to part out. GT35R is too large for an SR so I would part that, part the fuel system, IM, and any smaller bits that people need. All of the plumbing is kind of a one-off type deal, and the mounts/subframe/Driveshaft Shop aluminum driveshaft to fit the car specifically are not suitable for anything else.

    Just looking to get some opinions/conversation here, and maybe put a pricetag on this stuff. I don't think that I'd buy this to get back on the road, since I don't think the SR is suitable to these cars, but it may be a good parting oportunity.
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    This sounds like the skyline i seen drifting in nj last year when D1 came to the us.
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      No idea on what the market for a GTS-T R32 is in Canadia land, but I'd think the engine with turbo as a package deal would be in the $1200-2k range give or take. The stroker crank might be salvagable, but probably not after driving it that long with rod knock (although you never know). The turbo is an easy $700, and a few other odds and ends will add up. The pistons are likely "usable" - but used pistons don't seem to have much value (obviously) as it's not a trival matter to install them. Rods are probably toast as well with the rod knock since it probably pounded the bearing out (happened on the longblock I'm building, was thinking of using stock rods, but it trashed one of them where the bearing was completely pushed out).
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        Buy the shell, hoard it for 5 more years until they're up for legal importation into the USA. Make massive amounts of cash.
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          Originally posted by PerilousActs
          Buy the shell, hoard it for 5 more years until they're up for legal importation into the USA. Make massive amounts of cash.
          That would work if it was a GT-R, but I can't see people in the know willing to import a 25 year old GT-T when for just a tiny bit more (shipping is more expensive than some of the cars now) they can have a GT-R, Chaser, etc.

          There was a R32 GTS-T in Tampa that had a SR20 in it. It was red IIRC.


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            Ricers will be ricers, my friend. I've seen illegal ones go locally for over $10k. (non gtr's)
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              Straight from canada land.

              A clean working GTS-T can go from 5000-7000 can$.

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