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Z31 Clutch Type LSD in S-Chassis?

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  • Z31 Clutch Type LSD in S-Chassis?

    I was snooping around on hybridz and noticed that folks over like this LSD, I figured it would be a good alternative to a VLSD or HLSD. However, they are pretty pricey ($1000+ usually) but if you can score one from a boneyard I'm sure it would be significantly less.
    I'd prefer one for auto-x just because its rebuildable and doesn't lose its effectiveness like a VLSD does over time. You can also pack it full of clutch packs to make it really grab, at least that's my theory, I know you can do it in Mustang rear ends.
    Only thing is I'm not sure if you can fit the innards of one of these into an S13/S14 pumpkin. Anyone have experience with this?

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    You can. It's what the entry-level Nismo diff is based on (similar to GT-R as well(?)). The deal is that they only came in 87-89 5-speed turbo 300ZX's (excluding the Shiro (SS) model). So that's, uh, basically none. I've never seen one or even the correct chassis for one in the boneyard. And I go often. And there are usually 10 Z's in there.

    You can pack them with more plates for sure. One of my buddies did 14 plates in his.

    ... there is a 1988 Z31 diff TSB floating around that shows you exactly what's inside. It's 2 spring plates and 3 friction plates per side. The basic Nismo units use 1 spring plate and 4 friction disks, I'm almost certain.
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      the nismo SSS was the one based off the r34 lsd i believe. I have one 4 clutch plates and active plate total. will ability to go up to 8 per side. the nice thing is you can use a 19mm socket and go thru the input side (oppsite the pinion-side) and adjust breakaway torque. If you do not plan on drifting at all the quaife would be the best bet. the quaife explodes under drifting conditions. as has been proven.


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        What about drifting would cause a quaife to explode?

        Helical LSDs aren't good for drifting period due to them acting like open diffs when you stop putting torque into them(they're really just torque biasing, not a LSD in the traditional sense).
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          Is the R34 GT LSD an HLSD like s15's HLSD?
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            The r-200 clutch type LSD's have been a favorite of club racers for years. Proven and reliable for sure.
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              If a Quaife will not blow up for a 800hp drag car with slicks a little bit of drifting wont hurt it.

              If you have an open diff the input shafts are compatible with the Z31 and the US spec S series NISMO diff. The larger diameter VLSD input shafts have to be switched out for the open diff input shafts.

              The NISMO spec diff was a 2 way with 70 ft./lbs. breakaway torque which is perfect for good turn in on an AutoX but not quite enough for high power, big tire drift use. It can be rebuilt and the breakaway torque modifed with a rebuild. Nissan motorsports can be of help here. I'll be upgrading soon to a heavier duty LSD with more clutch plates soon. Most likely a Cusco RS.

              I'd reccomend getting the NISMO 240sx kit from your local Nissan dealer or online Nissan dealers like or Courtesy Nissan. Part numbers can be found here:

              I have a couple of the NISMO diffs in a S13 and S14. See this thread for pictures of the kit and a review.


              You can get them from a dealer willing to deal anywhere from $760 - $800. I can check and see if I can still get the deal in the thread. The problem is I think that Nissan USA is not carrying any of the NISMO parts for 240sx's any more. I still need to confirm this.

              If you can get a new NISMO diff kit it is worth it to get a brand new unit with fluid, gasket, seals, and new bearings.

              IF you can find a used Z31 diff you'll not save much money if you have to rebuild it and buy new bearings and such.

              I highly recommend upgrading from one wheel drive to an LSD. Its the best upgrade I ever did to my car. I'll never go back to an open diff again.
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                There is one on ebay right now.



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                  woah that is pimp. It looks like new hehe
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                    Just an FYI for people who have never bought parts to put a diff together in their car. The output shaft bearings are 70-86 dollars a piece (depending on if you know someone or not) and the output shaft oil bushings/seals are ~36 dollars a piece.

                    If you have access to a hydraulic press, and are willing to do some grinding on your open diff you can press the bearings out of it...I did that yesterday to save the 140 dollars I was going to have to spend, because these bearings are basically indestructible in their OEM location (meaning as long as you don't pull on them or drop them or something outside of their intended use). They look almost 2 tons of force to get out!


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                      If you are paying that much for bearings you must be going through the dealer. I bet I could get the carrier bearings, pinion bearing, axle seals, and pinion seal for around $120 or so TOTAL.
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