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General question about searching for a wing

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  • General question about searching for a wing

    Ive been looking for a wing for my coupe for a little while now iv been looking at the origin gt wings but my question is how do i know what width to buy or how tall of the stand offs. Another question i have is whats the diffrence between a 2d and 3d wing. As far as the standoffs go i know its better if the wing is higher in cleaner air but i dont want it dushe bag high

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    Start with class rules.

    A 2d wing has a consistent cross section across the entire span, like so.

    A 3d wing changes across the span, generally the angle of attack (AoA) is lower in the center because the flow in that area is actually going down slightly. The AoA should be about the same relative to the airflow, but is lower relative to the ground.