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Newb need help with suspension setup...

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  • Newb need help with suspension setup...

    First off, this is a great forum and I have been lurking around the forum for about a month now after founding out that one like this existed.

    Well, I have a '95 zenki that I'm currently working on. It is a n/a ka with i/h/e, etc. I've been saving and gathering up suspension parts. I'm building her mostly for Autocrossing, but she's is going to be my daily driver at the same time. It is not going to that good of an sm car, but I have to deal with what i got. After reading and seeing what a lot of people running for suspension setting, I'm thinking I will go with the following alignment setup. Any suggestion would really be appreciated since I know nothing about setup.
    Toe 0
    Caster 7* (within factory spec)???
    Camber -2.5
    Toe 1/16 in
    Camber -2.0

    Using kts coilover setup with the included 8/6 springs. But I'm not too sure where to set the preload to at. Can someone recommend how much of a preload I should attemp to run??? The car have the following parts:
    full z32 brake with hp+ pads
    es bushings kit
    spl tension rod
    nismo power brace
    footwerk rucas and toe rods
    spl subframe spacer
    factory vlsd
    dc sport f + ebay rear strut bars
    (wish list) whiteline sway bars set
    255/40/17 rt615 on 17x9 all around

    Sorry for the long post, but any suggestion would really be appreciated since I do not know a lot about suspension geometry.
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    post pix of ur car im curious how it looks
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      This is my '96 (n/a ka) that is the current dd/autocross. Very unprepared with the only suspension mod are h&r springs/tokico struts, and ebay rucas.

      This is the '95 that have been work in progress. Picked up the car for a decent price with bad motor (loud rod knock), and interior all ripped up. It was my turbo project, but got hook on autox and realized that I need to work on driving skills/lines than rather having more power. Hopefully I'll have some time this summer to be back home and finish up with the suspension.


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        The first step in really improving your suspension would be to get some better dampers. KTS are marginal even compared to something like an off the shelf Koni yellow.
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