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Ground Control interchangeability between S14 and S13

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  • Ground Control interchangeability between S14 and S13

    I currently have a set of AGX's with Tein springs on my S13 hatch and have wanted to "upgrade" to Ground Controls, then eventually my AGX's to Koni's, but couldn't justify the price with the misses.
    I have an opportunity to get a set of Ground Control coilovers installed on AGXs for a wife-friendly price, but they are for an S14. Does anyone know if these sleeves will fit on my S13 AGXs?


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    I believe the bigger problem you'll have is that the AGX kit is not compatible with Konis. But that may just be a different adapter. Try calling GC and see what they say.


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      I sent an e-mail to GC about the swapping them from S14 to S13 AGX's. I don't think it would be a problem, but I'm going to wait on them and see what they say.

      Thanks for the input.

      Edit: Ground Control told me that I would need new upper perches for front, and new tube adapters for rear. Trying to find out if I can purchase those from them.
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        For AGX's they just sit on top of the stock flange. I don't like doing that at all personally mainly because it's not sitting on a flat surface so it makes them quite noisy.
        Between rides...unless you count a WD21...